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Online Platform for HW Inc

After Harvard-Westlake High School's entrepreneurship program HW Inc was forced online due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, I designed Inc Life, an online multiplayer video game played in your browser that acted as a central hub for sending Zoom Links and other resources to participants and Coaches. Participants could communicate and break off into individual team Zoom rooms through physical portals throughout the game world, which was modelled in 2D after Harvard-Westlake's Mudd Library. The game also had a puzzle based adventure that played out throughout the 6-day program.


. 48 unique rooms
. Runs in most major web browsers with no download
. Built-in text chat for participants
. Varied customization with emotes, hair, and outfits, along with color mixing for eyes and skin
. Personalized Zoom rooms for the 10 teams
. Interactive Terminals for lectures, articles, and teambuilding games
. An automated email system that allowed students to request Coach help

Tech Stuff

. Programmed in GameMaker Studio 2 and PHP
. Hit a peak simultaneous player count of 58, with a theoretical max of 75
. Managed by a graphical backend application for checking on players, changing Terminal data, and moderating messages
. Originally ran on an AWS Virtual Machine
. Currently hosted in an offline form on GameJolt.com

The Lobby
A Zoom Room Portal
Avatar Customization
Outside Mudd Library
Wholesome Text Chat
Server-side Visualization of 40 Players